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Gary's Good Ol' Maine Tales

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These tales, drawn from the rich, verbal tradition of Downeast Humor, are a sampling of Gary's wealth of entertainment. He will be happy to tailor his entertainment and presentation to your organization's needs.

  • Startin' Summer in Maine
  • Mutha and I sing the Maine State Song every morning when we wake up in the trailor
  • As Maine Alum, we sing the Maine Stein Song every time we drink a Moxie!
  • NEW TALE FROM THE RADIO!!! Snapper and Eugene put a little more love into Moose Hunting.
  • Gary reveals the secret tactics of Pre-Season Fishing in Maine.
  • First, witness the Humah Jukebox, an uncanny live talent, during which Gary can instantly recite a tale in response to any audience request by its jukebox number.
  • Take a look at Gary and Mutha's New Carpet- a prime example of Downeast interior decorating.
  • Gary gets into maintenance and out of trouble while clearing Ice on the Roof.
  • Witness the current condition of Maine technology with this short guide to Maine Computa-bonics.
  • If you're looking for a fine place to dine in Central Maine, check out Gary and Filbert's favorite restaurant with a sense of humah- Burnsie's!
  • Finally, get some laughs and culinary advice from Gary regarding that infamous Maine beverage: Moxie!

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Bring the diverse tradition of Downeast Humor to your next event. Contact Gary's wife and Manager, Ellen, by email: or by phone: (207) 462-3774 to book an event.

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